Using a barcode scanner
App for Android or iOS
Operation without internet
Inventory, picking, intra-trades, etc.
Synchronization with ERP
No internet needed, you sync and get started
The application solves the problem of most market solutions that need an internet connection to work. The user synchronizes the data from the ERP and starts his work in any part of the business, regardless of whether he "catches" the wifi or not. Then - as soon as he is back in a connection point - he easily and quickly synchronizes the documents he has created locally on his device.
All daily tasks go through there
You can now easily carry out all the daily tasks of your warehouse. Create purchase or sales documents for large pickups, intra-transfers, or sales. Easily pick the products for your e-shop orders. Solve the inventory problem by scanning quickly, saving and synchronizing in a second time with your ERP.
Control and security for all users
The application includes a multi-user mode with graded permissions. The administrator can determine which user will use each device, in which store, in which storage space and even in which sections he will have access. Depending on their permissions, the user can create specific types of documents, in specific storage areas.
A complementary powerful tool for ERP or WMS
Our application complements ERP or WMS systems or any other software needed for fast and mass creation of documents, without the use of internet. We have implemented links to the most popular programs on the market and could do the same for any software that provides access via API.
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