Cooperation with the company that supports ERP
Support for all ERPs on the market that have APIs
Implementation through webservices, ftp, file transfer
Custom module για Prestashop/WooCommerce
Dozens of online installations in operation
The problem
One of the main problems faced by online store owners is the frequent updating of item details and especially prices and availability. The problem is getting bigger and bigger as the numbers of products increase. The result is that items that have been removed appear in the e-shop or the customer orders items at a different price than the one currently in force. These phenomena create a very bad reputation in your online store, which is disastrous for any online activity.
The solution
As long as you properly maintain your company's ERP or Commercial Management program, you could automatically update your online store with the interconnection application we have developed. For example, if you change the price of an item in ERP, its price in the online store will automatically change. The same can be done for any item field (description, category, availability, etc.) or customer (phone, discount, etc.). In addition, new customers and orders placed in your online store will be saved to your ERP automatically!
A plugin that does everything
Our solution is implemented through a plugin/module that we have developed for Prestashop and WooCommerce, while for special cases we implement custom pieces of code. The plugin undertakes all communication with the ERP, depending on the communication protocol (web services, json files, ftp, etc.). It includes all the basic connection and security settings, as well as a complete event log file, so that the e-shop administrator can easily identify any problems in communication.
Support of the most well-known ERPs on the market
We have implemented hundreds of interconnections with almost all the ERP systems of the Greek market such as Softone, Entersoft, Pylon, Galaxy, Atlantis, Optisoft, Megasoft Prisma Win and other less popular but equally worthwhile. We have the know-how and experience to develop a secure interface environment with any software that provides external access via API. Softone, Entersoft, Pylon, Galaxy, Atlantis, Optisoft, Megasoft Prisma Win και άλλα λιγότερο δημοφιλή αλλά εξίσου αξιόλογα. Έχουμε την τεχνογνωσία και την εμπειρία να αναπτύξουμε ένα ασφαλές περιβάλλον διασύνδεσης με οποιοδήποτε λογισμικό παρέχει εξωτερική πρόσβαση μέσω API.
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