Consulting services for e-commerce start-ups
UX/UI design and study
Implementation with Prestashop or WooCommerce
Testing and Training of Administrators
Technical support after uploading
Easy online store management
With the delivery of each project we train you and deliver you a detailed User Guide, so that you have full control over the management of your e-shop. You can upload the products yourself, add photos, weight, manufacturer, technical characteristics and specify the categories and subcategories. Each time an order is placed you will receive a notification via email or sms and you will be able to update the status of the order depending on the stage it is at.
Promotional and promotional tools
With one click you define the products that are on sale, determine their price and the length of time for which the offer will be active. You have at your disposal promotional tools such as relevant product suggestions, product bundles, coupons, limited-time deals, etc.
Secure transactions through bank, PayPal, Stripe, Viva
Όσους περισσότερους τρόπους πληρωμής παρέχετε στους πελάτες σας, τόσο αυξάνετε τις πιθανότητες να ολοκληρώσει την αγορά του από το e-shop σας. Συνδέουμε το e-shop σας με το σύστημα οποιασδήποτε ελληνικής τράπεζας, με το PayPal και το Viva Payments. Όλες οι συναλλαγές εκτελούνται σε secure περιβάλλον, γεγονός που παρέχει στον πελάτη σας μία αίσθηση ασφάλειας ώστε να ολοκληρώσει ευκολότερα την παραγγελία.
Connecting to your business ERP
We have developed a solution to connect with the most well-known ERPs on the market Softone, Epsilon, Entersoft, Atlantis et al.) for the purpose of two-way communication with your online store. The items are automatically "uploaded" to the eshop while the orders are automatically saved in the ERP the moment they are made. In this way you update your ERP correctly and automatically update your online store, eliminating the case of wrong prices or availability which will create a problem in your relationship with your customers.
Linking and tracking with Google Analytics
Google Analytics provides excellent tools to track visitor behavior as well as useful sales statistics. In all projects we activate the Enhanced E-commerce Reporting, which records all the necessary data from the e-shop, with many analytical data for all the movements of the visitor until his order. In this way we can draw useful conclusions, identify possible points that make it difficult for the visitor to complete the purchase but also see the results of our promotional activities.
Connection to external services
The interface with external services may sound easy but in many cases it hides pitfalls. The information, categorization and photos of your products must have specific specifications in order to be able to "share" them to external services. Whether it's an interface with marketplaces like Skroutz or Shopflix, exporting product feed for Google and Facebook services, or any other affiliate network, we have the experience to see at a glance where your product information suffers and what you should pay attention to. Especially for cases of a large number of products – which means a large amount of information – we have developed custom solutions that optimize the speed of feed production and do not burden the e-shop.
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