Solution and process design by our experienced team
Interface with your company's ERP
Modern and fast environment
Quickly search and create an order
Live stock update
Access to financial information, records, and more
Speed-driven implementation
The design and implementation of our B2B platform was done with the sole aim of being a fast and easy-to-use tool in the hands of your resellers. We have used tools that give the feeling that it is a desktop application, with minimal rotations and a very smart way of creating a cart and ordering.
Full automation and freedom
The B2B system communicates in real time with your company's ERP, through the interconnection solution we have developed. We carry out a two-way exchange of information about products, customers and their orders through automated routines or live where needed.
Access with password and pricing policies
The customer logs into B2B with your approval and has access to the categories and products you'll define. Once you have defined customer groups and pricing policies, there is the possibility of displaying special prices for each customer ("their price list") as well as a number of other personalized benefits.
Financial control and alerts
The customer can see in B2B his financial record, his order history, their pending issues as well as be informed about his balance. You also have the option of activating a cap control mechanism, so that at the time of ordering it informs the customer or prevents him from ordering.
Ability to combine with B2C e-shop
If you want to make your products available to end consumers alongside B2B, our solution supports the simultaneous existence of a B2C classic e-shop (multi store) with different layout and different settings. End customers can see all or specific products, as well as physical retail prices without any resale discount.
One interface, one management, control over everything
Your company manager will be able to manage both environments (B2B and B2C) from the same administrative system. Products are synchronized once by ERP and both systems are updated automatically. Orders "fall" in each store and the manager can easily locate and route them.
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