Communication with e-shop and ERP
Shop and redeem offline and online
Create single campaigns
Personalized content for each customer
Sending a newsletter and/or sms
Data synchronization
The data is synchronized in real time from the e-shop and the ERP of your business, to the single platform of the Loyalty system. There, the benefits to which the customer is entitled are calculated taking into account his history and the information is returned to the respective system.
Unified customer management
Through the Dashboard you can have a single image of your customers, whether they have shopped from the physical or online store or both. You can see the products they have received, their points and what benefits they are entitled to.
Easy campaign creation
You can create as many campaigns as you want taking into account various criteria such as points, sheet, store, etc. in combination with specific product criteria. The campaigns are instantly activated and available in both physical and online store.
API access
The Loyalty system we have built is a standalone software that can communicate with any application via API (web services). This means that it can support any ERP and e-shop platform that has the ability to call and receive data through this process.
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